it’s all of us, Coming Together to support our School!!

The Bullis Boosters Club is Bullis charter school’s parent led volunteer organization. Our mission is to unify the school community around the BCS mission and support our school, its students and staff in various ways. To find out who is on the BBC board and their positions, click here:

With your membership dues, we are able to fund all of our school programs and community building events, including:

  • Summer socials

  • First day parent coffee

  • First day picnic

  • Libraries for students on both campuses

  • Monthly staff room supplies

  • Hot lunch program

  • New family reception

  • Fall family dinner

  • Walk-a-thon

  • Family ice skating night

  • Staff luncheon program

  • Middle school reception & socials

  • "What to Expect" events

  • Parent education forums

  • Free & reduced lunch program

  • Walk or wheel

  • Staff lounge supplies

  • and much more

Improve the BCS School Experience

As a BBC member, you have the right to:

  • a VOTE on issues put to the General Membership, e.g., budget approval or amendments, annual election of BBC Executive Board, etc. One vote per member family; one vote per staff member.

  • a VOICE in how the BBC supports the School, Staff and Students. Come to BBC Executive Board Open Sessions and propose ideas for the BBC and the School. Or send an email to with your comments and suggestions.

What makes it all happen?

Our success depends on membership donations and volunteer participation. Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to get to know our students and staff, other BCS families and how the school works. We encourage volunteers to find an area that fits with their interests and talents.


You will also have access to any members-only events and direct communications providing up-to-date information on what's happening in our community.

bbc executive board meeting schedule

Got questions, suggestions or want to stay in the loop? Join us at the BBC OPEN Sessions. Usually held on the first Monday of the month:

  • 8:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Open Sessions (all BBC members invited to attend)

  • 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Closed Sessions (BBC Executive Board members only)

See the Event Calendar for the exact date and location.

To contact Bullis Boosters Club, please email: