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Volunteer Appreciation Event - North & South Campus

Each year, the BBC organizes events and programs that bring our community together, support our children and our BCS teachers/staff members. On Friday, May 27th the school along with the BBC will recognize the volunteers who helped make the BBC events this school year a success. Event Chairs and Program Leads will be recognized at the Friday Assembly on both the North and South Campus. Immediately after the assembly, there will be coffee and pastries on each campus. Whether your made popcorn at the Fall Family Dinner or chaired the event, please join us.

  • Summer Parties - Arden Asmar
  • First Day BBQ - Sandy Lai, North & Kim Welborn, South
  • Fall Family Dinner - Sharisse & Ted Kokernak
  • Book Fair North - Grace Chen, Hollie Halpin, Christine Moon, Lai Fung Palatnik
  • Book Fair South - Grace Lam, Hilary Weisfeld, Julie Lee, Chrissie Velaga
  • Walkathon - Grace Lam
  • Family Ice Skating - Patricia Ng & Sunhee Kim
  • Room Parent Program - Sandy Lai
  • Hospitality - Amy Stewart, North & Susan Hayward, South
  • Spiritwear Design - Vivian Lufkin
  • Spirit Wear Campaign - Amy Suri/Grace Yang
  • Spiritwear Design - Vivian Lufkin
  • Scrip Program - Melinda & David Joffe
  • Hot Lunch - Grace Lam (2015) & Christine DiBona (2016)
  • School Directory - Peter Jewett, Sang Yoo & Yin Chen
  • Bear Guides - Chrissie Velaga, Kim Carahasen, Kim Welborn (2016/2017) 
  • WOW Days - Melanie Hinse & Cathy Su, North/Lea Hallert, South
  • Middle School Committee - Lisa Levy, Archana Appanna, Beth Andrade, Lisa Collart, Suzi Berry, Vickie Lee, Lisa Yu, Karen Moore & Shari Yocum
  • School Supplies Drive - Lea Hallert
  • Yearbook - Lianne Mintz
  • Hot Lunch Leads - Lisa Collart, Gerri Bock & Tamara Free, Nita Mukherjee, Jisun Rhee, Yin Chen, Susan Hayward, Sharisse Kokernak, Sang Yoo, Lianne Mintz, Christine DiBona
  • BBC Board Members 2015 - 2016 Grace Yang, Amy Suri, Martha McClatchie, Yin Chen, Angie Rumi , Vicky Lee, Jisun Rhee, Sandy Lai, Hilary Weisfeld, Grace Lam, Grace Chen, Lisa Levy, Chrissie Hilliard Velaga, Chrissy Watson Reidy, Sandy Lai, Clara Roa & Shivani Nariyawala