QUESTION: Do I submit my expenses for drama and music programs (i.e. costumes, sets/props, programs, etc) to the BBC?

ANSWER: No, please submit them via the Bullis Charter School reimbursement process (forms are in the North and South offices).

QUESTION: How long will it take to receive my reimbursement?

ANSWER: Reimbursements are processed twice a month. You should typically receive your reimbursement no longer than 3 weeks post submission assuming all required information is provided.

QUESTION: My receipt has other personal items on it. Is that ok?

ANSWER: Yes, however, please highlight the BBC specific expenses that match your expense reimbursement submission.

QUESTION: I can’t find my receipt. What should I do?

ANSWER: All receipts, and chair approvals, must be obtained and attached with the expense submission:

• If you paid via credit card, please send a copy of your credit card statement showing the expenses (but please cross out all personal information).

• If you paid via personal check, please submit a copy of the canceled check.

• If you paid via cash, please obtain the chair’s written approval for an exception and provide an email explanation of the expenses.

QUESTION: What is the expense limit for class parties?

ANSWER: The BBC does not reimburse class planners for party supplies or food/beverage. The planner will recruit parent volunteers to help and bring supplies (food, beverage, etc.) for any class parties. School-approved parties include: Halloween, December, Valentine’s Day and End-of-the-Year Party. Questions? Please consult the Room Parent Guidelines.

QUESTION: What is the expense limit for teacher gifts?

ANSWER: The BBC does not reimburse individuals for teacher gifts/donations. The collection of optional donations for holiday and year-end teacher gifts is coordinated by the BBC in connection with Room Parents. Room Parents or Classroom Gift Coordinator may purchase a personal card and/or small teacher gift (on behalf of the entire classroom to present with the parent donations) and the BBC will reimburse these expenses up to $15 total.

For additional questions, please e-mail: