FALL FAMILY DINNER - You’ve Got a Friend In ME!


Friday, September 20, 2019 5pm - 7pm or when the sun goes down (It can get dark quickly...so start rounding up your young ones as the sun goes down or before)


BCS North Campus (102 W. Portola Avenue, Los Altos)


Everyone in the BCS Community and our families.  Siblings and other family members are welcome. Some grandparents sometimes attend, but please don't invite nieces or nephews, etc. or we may run out of space!  We might not have room for pets, so maybe bring Fido another time. Alums welcome.


It's a BCS community building event.  It's casual and family-friendly. The doors open at 5, but you can arrive when it is convenient for you.  It's at dinner time, so bring a picnic dinner or buy food at the food trucks. It is free to attend, but if you would like to buy food, it is available for purchase as a convenience for families.  It is not a fundraiser.  

5 paid food stations (some cash, some credit) and 1 free food stations

Cielito Lindo, The Waffle Roost, MoBowls, Island Style Shave Ice & Pizza

Free: Popcorn, Cupcakes, Lemonade

There is a Cake Walk game and there are some other fun activities.  All Fall Family games/activities are free to participate in. The event is sponsored by BBC.  Cakes for the Cake Walk are donated by families. Students also like to play on the dome/play structure or just hang out on campus with their peers.  Parents get to hang out and chat and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

There is some seating available on the lunch tables, but not enough for everyone so consider bringing a picnic blanket or portable lawn chair to put down on the grassy area.

The Book Fair on North campus is open during the event....so that would be another reason to bring money if you want to purchase something there.


Sign up to volunteer that day HERE or to bring/donate a cake for the Cake Walk game.  Volunteering at this event is a great opportunity for everyone to participate in the community.  Please consider signing up for one of these fun roles! Many of the jobs are short in duration, but each is appreciated and important to the whole running of this fun time.  If volunteering during the work day does not work for your schedule, there might a volunteer job here for FFD that will. Meet a new friend or sign up and have a friend join you.  Friends needed before, during, and for taking down the event.

Wear a Name Tag:

There will be name tags available at the Welcome Table for adults.  We have grown a lot this year. Help everyone out by wearing a name tag so we all can make new friends more easily.  Introduce yourself to someone you have not yet met. Be a friend, take a risk, meet someone new or "new to you".

Where to park?

Please be respectful when parking in the neighborhood.  Make sure you are not blocking someone's driveway. If you stay until the end of the event, it may be dark walking back to your car.  Your phone flashlight may help you. If you have a small portable flashlight for your child to use, that can be helpful. FYI, after 4pm, we are allowed to park in the Egan parking lot if there are open spots.  (Check the sign to make sure I’m correct about that.

What about Backpacks and student "stuff"?

My student plans to stay on campus after school and we will meet up once I get there... If you are doing so, make sure they are old enough to do that..(as we aren't supervising them) AND make sure they have a plan for their "stuff".  Please don't leave backpacks and bags near the MPR or on the ground. We will be hosting families from both campuses; that's a lot of people. We need room and we don't want anyone to trip on bags or belongings or school iPads to get lost or damaged.  Also, keep in mind that throwing it in the back of your car may or may not be safe. There have been a lot of car break-ins recently in the Bay Area. Think through the plan ahead of time.

My Student is going to Fall Family Dinner and I'm going out for a night out on the town.

Just kidding!  No. This is a family event.  Every student attending should have a designated adult (can be a BCS friend's parent) who will be there for them....if they get a bloody nose, tooth falls out, cake falls on their shoe or some other drama.  Every student should know who that adult is and where to find them...on campus. Every designated adult should know which students he or she is responsible for and checking in with on occasion. This is not a drop-off event.

What's the Cake Walk about?

A Cake Walk is a game that is sort of like musical chairs.  Students or their siblings will line up in the Cake Walk line.  There will be different lines for different grades. The groupings may change, but it may be Kinder - 1st (and younger siblings), 2nd - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade.  A certain number of participants will be chosen for a round at the Cake Walk. They will stand on a number or letter in the circle. When the music starts, the participants will walk around the circle while the music plays and when the music stops, the person standing on the winning number or letter wins a cake!

The winners will be given a cake ticket that they will take to the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) and enter the MPR through the ENTER Here Door.  There, they will select one cake (traditional or allergy-friendly) and they will exchange the ticket for the cake as they exit the MPR out of the EXIT Here Door.

Do you have to pay to play the game?  No. It is free to participate in all of the activities at Fall Family Dinner.  However, if your family would like to donate/bring a cake to donate to the Cake Walk, please sign up.

What if I want to donate or bring a cake?

Please sign up on the link at the top to volunteer or to bring/donate a cake.

Cake FAQ:

Q:   Do cakes have to be homemade?

A:   No. Some are.  Some aren't.

Q:   Do cakes have to be to the theme?

A:   No. Some are.  Some aren't.  

Q:   If a cake is made to theme, what does that mean?

A:   It can be fancy and creative or straightforward. Some kids and their parents show great creativity with their cakes and make homemade, wonderful creations.  Some parents buy a cake or cupcakes at Safeway and let their kids buy a package or two of candy and decorate the top with candy. Another way to make it to theme is to use frosting gels to write words on a cake or add color to it.  You can buy and wash a figurine to put on top of a cake...or print out an image on a color printer and put that on the box to decorate the outside of the box. Or you can buy a small cake/cupcakes at Safeway and bring it straight over. It’s all fun.

Q:  Is there a prize for the best cake?  

A:  There are 4 prizes given to 4 student winners.  See the sign up sheet for the 4 categories of prizes.  In order to be considered, a student must be the one who "made" or decorated the cake.

Q:  Will my cake be for sale?  Is this a fundraiser?

A:  No. It is a prize for winning the Cake Walk game.  There will be at least 100 cakes to chose from and no two are alike. The first winner choses a cake and exits the room.  The cakes get taken as winners enter and exit the room. The fanciest...most "prized" cakes, tend to get taken by the early winners.  But all cakes are sought after and the kids appreciate them. It is sometimes hilarious seeing which cake a child will chose. It is probably not the cake the adults were thinking looked the best or tastiest.

Q:  I plan to put my cake on my grandmother's heirloom china.  Can I trust that the winner will return my fragile plate that means so much to me?  What if I put it in my favorite Tupperware with my name on it?

A:   NO! Do not put your cake on anything breakable or anything you want returned to you.  Put it on something disposable such as a piece of cardboard cake board or on an aluminum pan....something you don't want back.  Students should be able to see your cake...if it comes in a cardboard box, it will remain in the box, but the lid may be opened so students can see it.  Some cakes come in without a cover on top or plastic wrap...use your judgement. Many kids will be walking around the cakes and admiring them from 5-6pm.  No one will return your plate or Tupperware, even if your name is on it. (just saying)

Q:  I plan to spend 20+ hours on my cake as I'm a talented baker and want to show my appreciation for our school.

A:  You are very talented and your baking skills are appreciated.  You might be frustrated that kids will be running to get a cake and may not take the time to fully appreciate your effort.  The BCS auction may have a role for your superior baking skills. For Fall Family Dinner, make it lovely, but don't use up all your energy.  If it is not a big effort for you to whip out a gorgeous cake in an hour, then by all means, go for it! If you have a special, mouth watering lemon chiffon meringue cake with whipped peaks that is tart and takes more than 3 hours just to deal with the eggs, make it for my birthday (just kidding, sort of) or for the BCS Auction opportunity....you know who you are...I'm also partial to a certain red velvet cake tasted at a past auction.

Q:  Will every participant win a cake?

A:   No. It is a game and the cakes are meant to be shared and admired.  We will have cupcakes and allergy-friendly alternatives after the Cake Walk is finished for kids to enjoy if they did not win a cake.  So don't stress out!

Q:  What's the difference between a traditional cake and an allergy-friendly cake?

A:   A traditional cake is one that you may have baked in the past or you can buy at a regular bakery.  An allergy-friendly cake is an alternative cake made for kids with food restrictions. Winners with food allergies are eligible to win an allergy friendly cake. Additionally, a student/sibling who does not have a food allergy, but consistently avoids traditional cake is eligible to win an allergy-friendly cake; an example might be a student or sibling who can't have gluten for medical reasons (but is not allergic) or a student or sibling who eats vegan.  Anyone can make an allergy-friendly cake in order to include everyone in the game. We ask that all allergy-friendly cakes be reserved for students or siblings that have a food restriction to ensure that there are enough allergy-friendly cakes to go around for students who cannot have traditional cake. So even if your child really wants the Pokemon Card cake...if it is on the Allergy-Friendly table, please ask him or her to chose one from the traditional table if they are able to have those.  If there is a surplus of Allergy-Friendly cakes, they will become prizes for any winner at the last round or rounds of the Cake Walk game.

Q:  What's an allergy-friendly cake?  

A:   An allergy-friendly cake can be edible or non-edible.  A non-edible cake is a prize that may be in a cake shape that has non-edible items such as a toy or toys or gizmo.  Some examples from past years are: Lego Cake, Money Cake, Balloon Animal Cake, Pokemon Cards Cake, Mystery Prizes Cake.  An edible allergy-friendly cake might be a baked cake that is "free" of certain allergens such as a box of Vegan Donuts from Whole Foods or a baked cake that is dairy-free and nut-free, the box of the mix or the ingredients of the recipe might be on the cake.  It might be a tower of jello cups. It might be a cake shape tower with Top-8 free wrapped candies taped to the shape (use double sided tape).  

We always need more people to make Allergy-Friendly cakes as you can't just pop over to Safeway in the Bakery section to pick one up....you need an idea and a little creativity.  Please sign up on the link above. If you need any pics from past years, I can email you some. I'll also post some pics on the BCS Parents Facebook page.

Stef and Ying - 2019 Fall Family Dinner Chairs

steflauchen@gmail.com and yingliu@me.com