Bear Essentials Newsletter Form

Bear Essentials (BE)  is a weekly communication sent by the School each week that includes mainly School-related information.

The Bullis Boosters Club does not administer or control Bear Essentials, which is a School communication. If you would like to add an announcement to the Bear Essentials, please submit your request to the School here.


The Room Parent Newsletter (RP) is a weekly e-mail from the Bullis Boosters Club sent by your classroom's Room Parent each Sunday. This e-mail includes class-specific announcements and information on all BBC events and programs. Want to include an announcement in the weekly Room Parent Newsletter?
Submit your request here.

expense reimbursement form

Please use this form to submit your requests for reimbursement for expenses incurred in connection with a Bullis Boosters Club event, program or activity.

Find Expense Report FAQs here.