How do I order Hot Lunch?

To begin ordering, click here and create an account with our hot lunch provider, Taste Nutrition. 

Why Taste Nutrition?

Our Hot Lunch Team chose Taste Nutrition for its consistency and food quality. Taste Nutrition prides itself on serving lunches that nourish the body and fuel young minds. Each morning meals are prepared in a nut free facility, using the best local and natural ingredients (some are organically sourced). Taste Nutrition then delivers the fresh meals to each BCS campus in temperature-controlled vehicles.

How many entrees are offered each day?

There are 7 entrees to choose from each day, including hot entrees, vegetarian entrees, cold plates, salads and bagged lunches. On Monday, there are only 6 entrees because Taste Nutrition is busy preparing for not only that day, but also for rest of the week. 

What is included in each meal?

  • Entree
  • Vegetable (if not already included in entree)
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Regular or Chocolate Milk (can also be ordered by itself, without lunch)

What is the cost per meal and why has it increased?

For the 2018-2019 school year, the cost for a 1st through 5th grade meal is $7.00. The cost for a 6th through 8th grade meal is $7.50 due to the slightly larger entree size. The cost of the meal also includes a small amount that goes to the BBC to run and improve the Lunch Program. The cost increase is a result of new California wage and employment laws. In addition to other new employee benefit requirements, in January 2017, the minimum wage increased from $11/hour to $13/hour and in 2018 increased to $15/hour. The Hot Lunch Team is pleased to continue to support Taste Nutrition in its commitment to improve its employee benefits and we did not want to decrease the quality of our student's meals by moving to another vendor.

How do I apply for free or reduced price meals?

Complete the Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals and return it to the School Office.

How often does the menu change?

New menus are available 4 times during the year. Favorites like Tasty Mac and Cheese, Baked Chicken Strips and Pizza will be on the menu all year long. Other entrees will be swapped in or out according to the season. For example, you might get a hearty stew in the winter and wraps in the warm weather months.

What is the ordering deadline?

Meals can be ordered as soon as the menu is posted. For example, you could login on August 10th and order meals for the next 2½ months. At a minimum, meals must be ordered 2 days prior to the delivery date (e.g., order by Monday at midnight for Wednesday delivery).

Will there be emergency meals?

Each day there will be a limited supply of emergency meals available on a first come, first serve basis. A student without a lunch will be sent to the School Office who will call the parent to confirm that the student may receive an emergency lunch.

Can I order online?

Yes, you can order online on Taste Nutrition's website.

Is there an app for ordering?

No; at this time, Taste Nutrition does not offer an app for ordering.

What is the cancellation policy?

Meals must be cancelled 2 days prior to the delivery date for full credit. This credit can be used for subsequent purchases or a reimbursement can be requested.

Is there a Pizza Day?

 Friday is Pizza Day. Your child will receive a slice of pizza along with a vegetable, fruit and milk.

How will my child get their meal?

Your child will receive a sticker in the classroom, line up for Hot Lunch and one of the Hot Lunch volunteers will serve the meal to your child.

Does Taste Nutrition prepare meals in a nut-free facility?

Yes. Taste Nutrition’s kitchen was opened more then 10 years ago and has never used nuts in any of their foods.

Does Taste Nutrition offer gluten-free meals?

Yes; there will be a separate ordering site for gluten-free meals. Each morning gluten-free meals are prepared before any other meals to avoid cross contamination

How can I volunteer for Hot Lunch?

YES! Click here to add your name to the day you can volunteer. Hot Lunch Training is on August 23rd at 8:45 a.m. in Room 35 (North) and at 1:45 p.m. in Room 11 (South) (you may attend either training). This is a year-long commitment. Please note: there is a separate signup sheet for North and South - make sure you are on the correct sheet before adding your name.