Job/Team Descriptions


This team is responsible for check-in and check-out of all participants on the day of the event. Also responsible for recording number of miles walked, and amount of pledges.

Site Set-Up/Clean Up

This team is responsible for setting up the course with the cones and tape to mark the course, event layout such as tents, tables and water coolers, entertainment stage. Also is responsible for taking down and clean-up after the event. We need people with STRONG muscles!

Course and Lap Coordinator

This team is responsible for keeping track of laps walked, giving out the incentive prizes at the key milestones, squirting hot children with water mist, keeping the water full, watching out for general safety of the children, etc. The committee also decides/purchases the said prizes.


This team is responsible for taking pictures during the walk. To ensure all children are photographed, a parent(s) from each class is assigned to photograph all participating children in that class.


This team is responsible for planning/purchasing/preparing/selling and serving food items throughout the event.

T-Shirt Production

This team is responsible for designing, printing, and distributing t-shirts for participants and staff members. The team also collects and places logos from sponsors on back of t-shirt.

First Aid

This team is responsible for first-aid assistance during the event


This team makes announcements as necessary, interviews participants, and keeps the event flowing.

Entertainment Crew

Plans and helps set up entertainment for the day.