2016 - 2017 BCS Yearbook

The 2016-2017 yearbook is available to purchase now at TreeRing.com. This online service will allow you to purchase a yearbook(s) and personalize 2 pages for your student(s). Personalization, is an optional benefit, offered at no additional cost to you. If you do not personalize the yearbook, you'll receive the standard yearbook.

To get free shipping and make sure your child has their yearbook for end of year, you MUST purchase by May 9th. If you opt to personalize 2 pages, all customizations must be complete by May 9th and "Print Ready" must set to "Yes."

Getting Started

Enter Passcode: 1014593529114288

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child's yearbook be delivered? 

Your child's yearbook will be sent to their classroom and be given to them to take home on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

How can I get help with my yearbook?

TreeRing has a variety of online articles to help you, or your can call or email them. Click here for more information on help.

Is there someone at BCS I can contact, if i get stuck? 

Still stumped?  Contact Lianne Mintz (lmintz3@yahoo.com).

If I miss the May 9th deadline can I still order a yearbook? 

Yes, but you will have to pay for shipping.