Last modified 3/15/2021
When submitting your kid's portrait (Due by April 4th), it is extremely important to follow these steps (links on how-to's are at the end of the email):
1. Make sure your kid's name is correctly spelled and only capitalize the first letter of the names.
2. Associate your kid with the current home room teacher to avoid your kid's photo falling into the lost and found "N/A - community"
3. Upload a high resolution recent portrait of your kid.
4. Use TreeRing's built-in 3x4 cropping tool to crop the picture so the portrait is centered, and of only head and shoulders.
I understand it's a lot to ask. But believe me, this is to save our editors from hundreds of extra clicks and emailing you individually for corrections. Here's what I've seen after loading the portraits to the yearbook (sorry Hermione and Harry):
Here's what cropping can do for you:
Here are the standards:
For 8th grade parents,  we are going to create 8th grade retrospective pages: featuring each student's kindergarten picture and a quote of his/her favorite BCS memories. So besides the above mentioned student portrait, please also upload a picture of your kid's  kindergarten picture. Here's how to upload a kindergarten picture: uploading kindergarten pictures. The above mentioned 4 steps apply to the kindergarten pictures too. The kindergarten pictures are due April 11th. We'll email you a google form separately to collect the favorite quotes.
All: please help contribute pictures that help capture this school year! We created special yearbook sections like Art @ BCS, Spirit Days, Virtual together/Pandemic at home. Where you can upload your kids holding up their favorite art projects, dressing up for the remote/on campus learning days, and staying strong and active during the SIP. We are going to capture this unique year in a special Yearbook!
Here are the help links for each step mentioned above:
BCS yearbook guide by editors: BCS Editor's guide
In addition, to our lunch duty volunteers: thank you so much for your hard work at BCS campuses! Would you be able to help take some pictures of our on campus students at lunch tables and lunch recess? If possible, could you further help upload the pictures to the yearbook? The pictures can be uploaded to either the home teacher's folder,  7th Grade folder, or 8th Grade folder. You may also use the TreeRing app to upload pictures if it's more convenient. 

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