BCS Yearbook Guide

Last updated 03/05/2022  

BCS yearbook captures school year happenings: it lists both campuses’ all classes’ teachers and students portraits, each class’s fun pictures, and also features special pages like Art, Choir, Drama & Dance, PBL, Halloween, Field Trips, Walkathon and Other School and Family Events.


Parents and staff: help build the yearbook by contributing photos in the Shared Photo Folders here.


Volunteering to sign up as Editors here.

Deadlines, Free Customized pages and Shipping

Deadlines March 1st First Monday in May
For 2022: May 2nd
Second Monday in May
For 2022: May 9th

For students missing school photo session, upload your portraits here,

Uploading portraits is free, no one is “required” to purchase a yearbook.

Please submit all school year photos early for our editors.


Volunteering to sign up as Editors here.


Personal Customized pages Due,

Orders by this date are eligible for Free shipping to school for pick up by school year end.

First two pages of customized pages are FREE, additional Customized pages cost ($0.99/two pages);

Post May 9th orders shipping charges apply;

Previous Years’ yearbooks are also available for purchase.

Editors   Class Pages Due    


Accessing TreeRing & Associating your kid with current room teacher

For returning families and teachers, you can access the Yearbook from TreeRing, the BCS Yearbook Platform. New families need to follow these steps to get started on TreeRing


Extremely important: when adding your kids to TreeRing, please make sure their names are spelled correctly and Capitalize only the First letter (eg: “Harry Potter”) and associate them with the current room teacher. This is to ensure their portraits show up correctly under the room teacher class page. 


Need to add more children under your account? Please follow these steps to add them. Then, click on “Kid Yearbooks” on the menu bar, you can personalize each kid’s yearbook and add each kid’s portrait.

TreeRing also offers Iphone and Android apps, check out the details here.


Uploading Student Portraits and TreeRing Interface

If your kids miss school photo sessions in September, please upload your kid’s portrait here (Please label your kid’s full name, grade and home room teacher). Please note the following are extremely important while uploading portraits:

Make sure the photo is centered, only of head and shoulders, no face covering, no frames (see samples below). The actual portrait print out size on the Yearbook  is 3 cm x 4cm.


8th Grader only - where to upload your Kinder photo:

8th Grader only - 8th Grader Memories Quote enter through the link here:



More Help

Access BCS yearbook.   


Use TreeRing’s IPhone & Android Apps.


Add or change a teacher for your child.


Add additional children to your parent account.


Access Shared Folders uploading class/event photos.


Change Customized Page Background.


TreeRing Help center:  https://help.treering.com/hc/en-us/categories/115001242166


BCS yearbook guide by editors: BCS Editor's guide

You may also contact Xiang.