As a part of the effort in supporting underserved communities, BBC is partnering with Christopher school in San Jose, a Title One K-8 school. Students at Christopher school are keen on gaining exposure to the technology and science world and developing a solid understanding of what those jobs mean and what skills are needed to succeed in such employment. We plan to do a series of panels and individual speeches:
1. The panels/speeches will be conducted over Zoom every two weeks or three weeks. 
2. The target audience will be 5th to 8th-grade students.
3. These events will be open to both Christopher and BCS students and their families.
We are looking for volunteer speakers/panel participants and panel moderators willing to spend an hour on a weekend afternoon to talk about your professions and how the school learnings benefit your career development. Please see below some of the areas and topics we would like to cover. If interested, please sign up HERE
- Game design (computer, online) 
- Entrepreneurship (high tech or not)
- Aeronautical engineering, Space science (NASA, SpaceX)
- Software, hardware, mechanical engineering, product development
- Art and Creativity (turning doodle to art. Graphic designer for games?!, user interface design, industrial design, etc.)
- Nutritionists and therapists (how to eat well on a dime, fitness, physical and occupational therapists)
- Scientists (infectious disease, biotech, chemistry, physics, forensics)
- Authors / Editors / Journalist/Script writers/Technical Writers
- Healthcare professionals (Dr, dentists, Vets, psychologist, Occupational therapist, pharmacist) 
- Life skills (personal finance, anti-bullying, growth mindset, deep breathing)
- Free resources walkthrough (library, podcasts, quarantines, passion projects, etc.)
- Lawyers, judges (civil, criminal, corporate, patent)
- Financial services (Investment banker, VC, private equity, retail banking, loan officer)
- Entertainment (TV/movie production, acting, performing arts)
-Sales & Marketing (technical sales, sales programs, product marketing, marketing communications, public relations etc.)
We want to thank the BCS parent Lori McKinney for getting us connected with Christopher School. 
Should you need more information, please contact Rajesh Shakkarwar.