Chair: Jolee Crosson
Vice-Chair 1: Alisa Dolby
Vice-Chair 2: Melody Tsang
Auditor : open
Treasurer: Chu Lin
Financial Secretary: open
Director of Communications: Yuehua Xu
Directors of Staff Support: Jiaying Feng & Vivek Sundaram
Directors of Student Edu. Support: Hollie Halpin & Amy Bonforte 
Director of Membership and Fundraising: open
Directors of Student Program Support: Miyoung Choi & Lina Fu
Directors of New Family Engagement: Nicole Hilly & Khushboo Geol
Director of Food Programming: Mona Soliman
Director of Community Building: Elaine Kao
Directors of Community Outreach: Kris Mihalic & Claudine del Rosario
Director of Middle School Support: Sally Kwok
Member at Large: Nidhi Agarwal
Member at Large: Jennifer Blanco
Member at Large: Jennie Deegan
Member at Large: Aarati Desai
Member at Large: Torrey Freeman
Member at Large: Ying Liu
Member at Large: Xiang Xu

BBC 2020 Organization Chart - to be updated



We are always looking for ways to engage our community. Recruiting volunteers to join the BBC Board is critical for our ability to continue offering exceptional BBC programs that support our community, students, and staff.  A position on the BBC board is typically from January through December, either for 1 or 2 years.  This way, board members get a chance to come up to speed on issues, are ready to take action for end-of-year and new school year programs, hence why it doesn't align with the school year.


To learn more about the Bullis Boosters Club, or to nominate a parent for the board, please email us at


For 2023, we currently recruit for the following positions on BBC Board:



BBC Auditor - one year term

Time commitment: 10 hours/year


The non-Executive Board Auditor shall: 

  • Audit the books and financial records of the association annually.
  • Complete the year-end audit by July.
  • Present a written report to the executive board at the August meeting.
  • Audit the books upon resignation of the Director of Finance-Treasurer, Financial Secretary.
  • Not be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household as the financial officers and/or authorized signers of checks.
  • Be responsible for verifying that all necessary report forms required for insurance, tax returns, and other forms required by state and federal government agencies have been completed and filed by the due date.

Financial Secretary - one year term

Time commitment: 5 hours/month


The BBC Financial Secretary shall: 

  • Be responsible for working with Directors to collect all monies for the organization, deposit in a BBC account in a bank approved by the Executive Board, and give a copy of the deposit slip to the Treasurer.
  • Receive and retain original deposit slip for any deposit made.
  • Follow up with BBC Board and/or event, program, committee chairs to collect payments as necessary.
  • Keep an accurate record of all receipts for filing with the Treasurer’s financial records.
  • Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by end of term.


BBC Director of Membership and Fundraising - two years term

Time commitment: 10 hours/month 


The BBC Director of Membership and fundraising shall: 

  • Be responsible for monitoring the BBC members' database and cleaning it up (we use a tool call membership toolkit in order to do so - some level of comfort with computer tools or database concepts a nice have).
  • Be responsible for making publicity to invite parents to become members and make sure the benefits provided are useful for the members (currently, access to the school directory is the main benefit, other than the voting right).
  • Think of ways to reach 100% of participation by our community into the BBC
  • Be responsible to find a Walkathon chair and support the walkathon team - Walkathon being on of the biggest fundraising event (October), other than membership, to bring money into the BBC to support our events and programs
  • Be responsible to find a SpiritWear chair - SpiritWear money made goes toward BBC fundraising
  • Bring forward other fundraising ideas to be added to the BBC programs